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Chain and Cassette Tools

Freewheel Remover, Shimano Fit (UG). Product supplied on printed blister card.


Suntour / Shimano Double Ended 2 Peg Remover.


Suntour / Shimano Double Ended 4 Peg Remover.


Many derailleur chains use a モmaster linkヤ that allows the chain to be installed and removed by h


Park Tools SR2.2 MTB Shop Sprocket Remover (Chain Whip) 5 - 11-Speed.



The chain tool is fundamental to bicycle mechanics.


Checking your chain for wear is one of the simplest things any cyclist can do to maintain drivetr


Adjustable wrenches just don't cut it sometimes and especially not when you are dealing with


Pro quality cassette removal socket with centre guide pin to stop the tool from twisting out of p


Having the right tool for the job is essential when working on modern bicycles.