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CSA Podcast – Let’s Talk About the MTB Scene

The 1st CSA podcast of 2018 welcomes mountain bike journalist, Matt Letch. Having worked for Singletrack Magazine for many years, Matt is one the UK’s leading commentators on the mountain bike world. He is not only very knowledgeable, he’s also a good laugh and is able to convey complex tech in layman’s terms. So as a result this podcast is a cracker, as you can imagine.

From the point of view of Cycle Systems, Sean has been wanting to delve into an overview of the mountain bike scene for some time…..  in particular at the start of 2018 we find the sheer range of bikes available and new ‘standards’ every month is somewhat overwhelming, even for us! What began in the podcast discussion as, “Mountain Bikes, what on earth is going on?”,  became, mostly a debate about the new long, low, steep and slack geometry. With the usual wanderings into related subjects that our podcasts are known for of course.

While we may not be able to answer your no doubt most pressing question – namely which mtb is the best and which one will I be able to buy spares for in 2019 – we think you’ll enjoy this conversation. As ever please do send us your thoughts, questions and of course subjects you want us to cover in the future. If you’re not already subscribed to the  podcast? You can find it on iTunes here:    and for android folk the feed url is…    You’ll find all the back catalogue of podcasts there too.

Cheers, Sean   

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