Welcome to Our Digital Classroom

We know it can be hard of some of you to get to Cycle Systems. Time is a factor. How is it possible to take two weeks out of your busy work schedule and immerse yourself in bikes? Even worse – out of the precious allotted family holiday time?

Can’t you just convey all this knowledge over the internet? 

Well – obviously teaching bicycle maintenance online has its own unique set of challenges. Not least of which is that learning the art and craft of cycle maintenance involves hands on time with some serious cycling machinery.

And so we got creative…

2019 sees Cycle Systems Academy roll out a whole range of bicycle maintenance courses. From beginners and entry level know how, through to wheel building and more specialist maintenance arts, right through to our inaugural membership programme for those wanting to network, thrive in community and push their skills to an ultimate mastery level.

Find out about our mechanical mastery membership programme HERE.

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