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Charlie Kelly Recalls Riding Repack and Other Stories

Our latest is an absolute cracker – and Sean is more than a little bit thrilled to announce Cycle Systems’ podcast this week – an in depth interview with the legendary Charlie Kelly – one of the founders of the mountain bike. You can listen in full HERE.

In Charlie’s own words, “a strange bicycling event called “Repack” changed mylife, starting in 1976, when the first downhill off-road race tookplace on a road a few people called “Repack” road, just outsideFairfax, California. I promoted clandestine races there starting in1976 and ending in 1984, the beginning of what has become a world-widesport of downhill mountain bike racing.”

From hanging out with the Grateful Dead in the Bay Area of San Francisco to hanging out with Gary Fisher, Charlie’s life is a fascinating insight into how free thinking outsiders can change the world.

Charlies book ‘Fat Tire Flyer’

and his website are a great place to learn the full story.

Also do see the fantastic film, Klunkerzwhich covers their story.


Charlie is still as enthusiastic as ever about bikes and bike tech, sowatch this space, he’ll be back!



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