Funding Options and Apprenticeships


There are many discounted or funded options available to our students – particularly on Level Three courses which are often subsidized heavily. Please make sure you call the office to ascertain whether you are eligible for a discount before booking as they cannot be applied in retrospect. Speak to Sean on 07726 921002 for more details.

Below are some of (but not all) of the ways in which you can receive a discount.

Military Subsidies

Students who are resettling from the military have their resettlement credits available to them to study with Cycle Systems.

Please visit this page for more specific details on this funding stream.

Apprenticeship Framework 

So for example, if you are a bicycle shop owner you could send a young apprentice for tuition from a beginner level up, or you could send an old hand who wants to brush up on modern technology and get his/her Level Three.

The UK now has another bicycle maintenance apprenticeship framework available.  And in some ways the new Apprenticeship offering is even better than the previous model in that you can now claim Government funding towards studying a Level Two AND a Level Three in bicycle maintenance as part of your Apprenticeship.

Furthermore, the funding is no longer age dependent – crucially this means you can study the course of your choice with full subsidy.

There are many options available to you as an employer and we’d love to talk you through them.

Some of our best employees have been apprentices. 

Call Sean on 07726 921002 for more details.

DWP Funded Courses

Certain Job Centres are able to fund jobseekers to attend Level Two and/or Level Three courses here at Cycle Systems Academy. Contact Sean on 07726 921002 for more details.

Employer Funding


Cycle Systems teaches lots of students who are either sent and paid for by their employer, or who are paid for as part of a retraining /redundancy package.

Speak to your employer about the possibilities of this. Or call the office again to see what Cycle Systems may be able to provide you on 07726 921002.

Other Options

LCC also have a small community fund  from which your training may be funded if it is in support of a London-based community cycling project.

Grants are not so easy to come by nowadays – but we still have plenty of people coming through our doors who are in receipt of grant funding to do so. Research what might be available to you and/or your project.