Certified ELC Provider



Cycle Systems courses are the mark of quality.

The leading provider of QCF Level Three training for military resettlement, Cycle Systems has been chosen by CtP as their unique cycle maintenance qualification provider for several years in a row now.

Crucially, Cycle Systems’ courses will provide you with certification up to the highest – Diploma – level in engineering. They will also include adequate teaching and practical instruction to give you a thorough understanding.


“As an aircraft engineer with over 30 years experience I have attended numerous technical training courses over the years covering a variety of specialist subjects. In my opinion the ability of Cycle Systems to deliver clear, concise instruction in a logical fashion is excellent and I would rate them as providing one of the best tutors I’ve had. Add to this endless patience and the ability to field questions on all cycling matters demonstrates extensive knowledge. Moreover, the tutor Ben’s cheerful friendly demeanor was conducive to learning and made the course a pleasurable experience.”

Phil Simmonds, RAF. October 2012

Buyer beware that other providers will offer you branded certificates to Level Three but not qualify you on the Government’s Qualification Framework as we do here at Cycle Systems Academy.

The EAL awarded Level Three Diploma in Cycle Maintenance from Cycle Systems Academy is the only qualification in the country which can be used further as credits towards an engineering degree. It is also internationally recognized and a standard in the trade.

Funding and Pricing

ELC funding states that you can claim up to 80% of a Level Three. Most students will need to do Level Two aswell, as it is an important pre-requisite. Cycle Systems feel passionately that the cycle mechanics we train need to have a thorough and detailed immersion in both courses.

You simply cannot short cut your way to being a superb bicycle mechanic.

You can check out the syllabus and details of both Level Two and Level Three by visiting our Professional Courses page HERE.

Please call Sean at the office on 07726 921002 for details of our various packages and how the funding applies. We offer very large discounts to military students on our Level Two courses in order to make the package affordable.

Administration of ELCAS Students


Cycle Systems are very well versed with dealing with ELCAS and the application procedures necessary. Give Julia a call at the office on 07726 921002 to discuss if you have any admin questions.

The office has all the necessary forms on file and can assist you through the process.