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Misha Sakharoff - Holistic Approach to Cycling Performance

Misha Sakharoff playing tennis

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As part of our ongoing series devoted to helping you get the best out of your cycling, this week we are continuing our focus on 'the mechanics of the body' with Russian Coach, Misha Sakharoff. We discuss an holistic approach to both performance and health. 

Misha trains both athletes and musicians as well as working with patients who have serious illness. His methods include breathing training, ketogenic diet and mental training. 

This will be the first of several interviews with Misha so do send us your questions and thoughts, especially those questions you might have that are specific to your own bike riding.

We've been granted a special discount that we can pass on which allows our listeners to access a major discount for Misha's coaching programme. So please do visit www.sakharoff.com/coupon and enter the coupon code Misha gives us in the podcast, in order to access the CSA exclusive offer for listeners.