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Mike Stead from RoadCC - Podcast on Cable Tech

This week John is back and is joined by Sean and RoadCC's Mike Stead for another podcast episode.  Also know as @tweetymike on twitter, Mike is a Kiwi living in Scotland and is a long term mountain bike race promoter and trail builder as well as a professional mechanic with his own business and a reviwer for kit on www.road.cc He's been bugging us for ages to do a show on cable tech, no naturally we've pout him off for as long as we could! We have finally given in though and allowed Mike room to rip - and you know what? It's a cracker, We could have gone on for at least another hour.                If you want to know your stainless 1.1mm Sram from your PTFE (that's Plastic Tape for Eejts) 1.2 Shimano, your large nipples from small ones, then this is the pod for you. Look out for more from Mike soon. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE.


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