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Latest PODCAST! Suspension Tuning with Plush

Latest Podcast with Mat Clark from Plush Suspension

After 3 weeks of ‘Get Your Skills Dialled 2018’ lessons we are very proud to welcome Mat Clark from Plush Suspension for a follow up chat on the latest episode of Cycle Systems' podcast. Mat was only really getting warmed up by the end of the last one, and as you’ll hear, he has so much hard earned knowledge to share with you he really needs his own show.I have learned so much from Mat overModule 1 of Get Your Skills Dialled 2018  - a cutting edge online webinar series that explore the latest forks for 2018 and how to work with them - and can’t wait for the ‘fork tuning like a boss’ episode tonight. In this interview we try to share with you what Mat’s been uncovering in the workshop and why you’d defininately crash a downhill pro’s bike if you ever tried to ride it like you stole it.A bit like his webinars, this is unique, ultimate tech geekery of the highest order and there ain’t no higher praise than that! Plush Suspension.

Mat founded Plush in January 2012 after realising the skills he had accumulated during his time racing DH and working in the industry centered him perfectly to offer top end suspension servicing and tuning.Working at the tech dept at SRAM UK 5 years he gained invaluable knowledge working with shocks and forks day in day out.Mat went on to teach various technical subjects to bike mechanics, including top level Level Three material on suspension forks which is used in training worldwide.We are also hugely excited to be launching the next round of our webinars next week, focussing on FULL SUSPENSION FRAMES. You can link here to sign up.

But hurry! Don't delay! We begin THURS 8 MARCH 6.30 GMT.