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E-Bikes - The Future with Dave Atkinson

   This month's podcast sees Sean and John get some schooling about eBikes from the man with weapons grade knowledge of them - Dave Atkinson editor of http://ebiketips.road.cc/  After a very enjoyable and informative chat with Dave recently with his http://road.cc hat on, we now delve into the dark arts of electric assist mode pedalling (beyond cheating in cyclocross championships or French amateur races)  Now we know many of you just don't see the point in these bikes. The man, the legend, Stuart from www.bikefix.co.uk told Sean this week he hopes he dies before they really take off (missed the funereal boat there, Stuart!) and it seems he's not alone. For the CSA graduates and bike shops however, eBikes have been the most requested in terms of new tech training of all our 'Skils Dialled 2018' modules. (You can join the waitlist for next year's programme here). Like it or not, the eBike is now a significant part of the UK and US bike market and is even and is even further developed in mainland Europe.  Sit back and soft pedal while we power you along effortlessly through motor types, specialist technology, battery life and of course, that really, really ugly bike with the bolt on seatpost!     Listen HERE